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Реферат: The general knowledge of neologisms

Дніпропетровське відділення Малої академії наук України

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workgeneral knowledge of neologisms


nature of the Universe loves nothing so muchto change the things which are and to make new things like them.

(Marcus Aurelius Antoninus)

neologism language english

Any language is a dynamic system, which constantly develops, transforms and changes. The processes in social, cultural, scientific and political life, the contemporary level of technology development and intercultural communication implies constant language evolution. Both linguistic and extralinguistic factors play a significant role in appearing new units in the language (neologisms). These new units help us to understand and cope with change by creating mental bridges between the old and the new. The language vocabulary is changing, renewing the words and phrases. Neologisms play a great role in the contemporary system of language and speech.term neologism is used by linguists to describe a new word, usage, or expression. It is often created by combining existing words or by using a word in a different context.Some neologisms have now become a part of Standard English, while others have faded away. In the same way, some of todays neologisms will become a part of the dictionaries of the 22nd century, while others will be discarded, replaced by more descriptive language.object of the research work is a neologism as a language unit.subject of the research is the peculiarities of using neologisms in different spheres of human activities, making close studying the computer neologisms. purpose of the research is to investigate the neologisms as language units. accordance with the purpose of the research there are the following tasks in the work:

-to determine the basic theoretical conceptions of the neologism;

-to investigate the classification and ways of formation of neologisms;

to analyze the spheres of usage of the neologisms;

to investigate the computer neologisms in particular and the peculiarities of their formation and translation.the present paper there were used the following methods of the research as analysis and synthesis, descriptive and comparative methods.list of neologisms found on the Internet resources is added in the Appendix. The list does not claim overall completeness or fullness, but it, however, can be the data of this research work. This list demonstrates different ways of computer neologisms formation and explains the meanings of these new words.

1. The general knowledge of neologisms


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